Flash Fiction Workshop by Acclaimed Writer Lawrence Fray

If the urge to create is riffing in your heart, we take this opportunity to invite you to get into a passional mood for writing. This weekend, there are no more excuses not to write. Not enough time. Too tired. It's lonely.

Award-winning British writer Lawrence Sir will have you writing to prompts aimed at breaking through writing blocks and innovating in the flash fiction form. Fun and fast paced! Expect to leave the workshop with new drafts of surprising depth and beauty.

Date: 27th January 2024, Saturday
Time: 11 am to 5 pm
Venue: 10 Sansad Marg, New Delhi
Course Fee: Rs 6,000

This workshop cuts off registrations at the lucky number 12. Book your spot to be part of this incredible literary adventure.

What will your day look like?

You'll be greeted very warmly by writers, storytellers and artists from all walks of life. This support group will be your safety net throughout the day (and hopefully, outside class, in future too!) You'll introduce yourself to the group in a casual way, talking about what means the most to you. Lawrence sir will proceed to bring out several writing exercises to get those blank pages filled with exciting stories and practical examples of how to get those now-filled pages to be good enough for publishers and agents to take seriously.

Only to stop for a lunch break where we enjoy finger-licking Bengali thali: with khichdi, chorchori, tomato chutney and vegan kheer.

The journey will then progress to sharing your own authentic voice with the creative tribe.

Afternoon break includes coffee and orange cake.

At the final leg of the workshop, we'll touch upon how to seize opportunities for your work to get in front of editors, agents and publishers.

What is flash fiction?

Flash Fiction is one of the most popular genres in the writing world. Writers like Ernest Hemingway, Joyce Carol Oates and Franz Kafka are revered by readers around the world for their contribution to this short fictional genre.

This micro-fictional genre uses 1000 words or less to tell an impactful story, think of it as the 'twitter' of the literary universe.

For any aspiring writers out there, this genre can be great to play with. One can be as creative as they like with the characters and the plot, using less words and telling more.

The Mentor 

Lawrence Fray is an acclaimed writer, teacher and musician He resides between Ranikhet and Gurugram. Born in England and raised in Ireland, Lawrence has taught in both countries before being School Principal in Africa, Abu Dhabi and India. He won the second place in the prestigious Wingword Poetry Prize 2023.
He mentors creative writing workshops at the Two Roads Studio. 

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