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Erotic Poetry

November 15th to November 21st

Erotic poetry is a type of poetry describing human sexual relationships that has the power to evoke sexual desire and pleasure in the reader's mind. Read sensual erotic poems written by Indian poets. 

On Masturbating in an Indian Locality by Tanvi Mona Deshmukh

Take me to heaven by Surbhi

Turning The Pages by Chhavi Nagpal

In the glory of night by Nida Khan

Kiss My Soul by Mahira

Smother by Siri

My Saffron Love by Sravani Singampalli

सुहागरात by ब्रज भूषण पाण्डेय

A December Night by Paige Montey

That Crazy Night! by scripting_soul

Booty Call by Deepti Arya

Midnight Bliss by Tavleen Kaur Narula

An Awakening by Rutika Yeolekar

Reminiscing by Surya Pratap Singh

Of Unspoken Deals and Speaking Bodies by Tanya Ranjan

A Dance by Malvika Nair

The Warmth of Love by Tarang Garg

The Girl In The Window by Mayank Kumar

Lets Play Poetry by Rishika Mishra

Territory For The Night by Rishika Mishra

Naked Souls by Himadri Mandal 

Aura by Aishwarya Dharan

The Bed Musing by S.A Gayatri

Making Love to You by Jean H. Dmello

This is how I imagine you by Vrunisha

Unspoken Exigencies by Laveena Behl

Helen Came Late by Rose McKathy

A Good Keep by Nikisha Hada

Lost in faraway lands by Shubha

A Cosmic Affair by Samidha Vasant Ghone

Lines of Poetry by Lavanya Rana

Seduce Me by Anupreeta Chatterjee

When You Come by IHCIRT_LAWROP

Entangled by Gayatri Aich

Through the dark woods by Avnike Chhikara

That Night Under the Moon by Nivedita Shinde

And We Kissed by Aashna Shah

Shhhhhh by Seerat Gupta

Love? by Apoorva N

Every other freckle by Shivani Bajaj

What does spring do to the cherry trees? by Arunabh Konwar

The Night We Came by Aarush Deora

Conversations I Have, With A Faggot I Know by Mragank Purwar

Ransomed touch by Shreya Kathuria

Unhindered by Inaya

चाँदनी राते by अघोरी अमली सिंह

Pulse and Pain by Tania Rosa

The Rooftop by Anjaani

Chameleon by Khushboo Kumary

Around the Riddle That Got Us in One Room by Prateek Joshi

I would throw away my fear by HG Sane

Entwinded by Kanishka Pandey

Love at the Bar Counter by Charu Chandwani

Retour À La Maison by Sri

हुस्न by Apoorva Chandrachur

Ropes, Belts and Love by Sonal Gupta

Naked by Madhavi Arora

Of Pleasure, Love and Desire by Apoorva Mathur

Pouring Soul by Anurag Kushwanshi


November 21st to November 28th

Poems on gay, lesbian and transgender acceptance. Using poetry as a form of expression, Indian poets speak about finding love beyond the strict notions of society. They approach gay rights in a new light with the belief that poetry can change mindsets. 

His Miserable Life by Gayatri Aich 

Do Nar by Sharmila

Blood by Mary Monika

My Anecdote by Shagun Jain

Pride by Divya Mondal

As I Walk Down The Street by Snimar

I Say by Harshita Hiya

Coffee with a side of rainbow by EveryTuesday

Any Other by Priyanshi Ahuja

Mother and I by Kaybee Singh

Thrice Got the Wind, Twice Only Saw, the Last I joined In by Prateek Joshi

A Girl by Clio Sasi

A Love beyond sexuality by Priyanka Arora

Being Effeminate by Rishu Sharma

Why by Akshay Anand

Coming out of the closet by Pulkit Goyal

Mother never told me by Akula the Bindi Dyke

Mimeomia by Riya Dey

Liberation, Glory, Bearings and Transformation: An ode to LGBT Rights by Nishtha Kumar 

The Social Crime by Priyanshi Banerjee

Body Language : An Anthology of Parts by Vandana Likhmania

Bisexuality: A Crime? by Deepali Saxena

That Curly Haired Girl by Kanika Chablani

Different or Same? by Naman Suroya 


November 28th to December 6th

Poems about fears that people experience in their lives. Whether it is fear or failure, fear of being accepted in society or fear of death, read these poems to acknowledge and overcome your own greatest fear. 

When Too Many Chemicals Scorned My Brain by Prateek Joshi

Love And Its Misgivings by Ayushi Sharma

House of Fear by Pooja Arora

Forgive The Poets by Gaurav Juyal

Silence by Flokat

 Are You Afraid of The Dark? by Divya Mondal

Like A Fool by Chitpara Vashishtha

डर by Palak Manglik

You Will Leave Too by Reborn From Ashes

कितना मुश्किल है by गोमा थापा

My Encounter With Stage by Vaishali Passi

We'll Meet Again by Apoorva

Do I dare, again? by Prachi Bhatia

Desert of Emotion by Debapriya Sarkar

यही भय था उसका यही भय है मेरा by Srujuna Satyavada

Greatest Fear by Joyce Job 

Locked Yet Unsafe by Prisha Goyal

Fear of Words by Roohi Bhargava

Fear by Nishtha Kumar

Mother, What is My Fear? by Arvind Chatterjee

I Have A Fear by Kashif Ilyas


December 16th to December 21st

Poems about near-death experiences, anticipating death or losing a loved one. Death is a mystery that captures the imagination of poets. These poems will let you explore the vastness of the role of death in people's lives. 

A Brittle Drop by Prateek Joshi

Forbidden Lover by Panya

That's All It Takes by Shikha Bhargava

हम उस इश्क़ को इश्क़ क्या कहें by सचिन ओम गुप्ता

Would You Rather Be Dead by Rishabh Mehta

Afterlife by Rohit Gupta

A Craving Of My Soul By Saachi Rajiv Devani

Why did you die? by Sonali Karhana

Unhealthy Obsessions by Divya Mondal 

Thirteen Reasons Why Not by Ankita Mishra

Frosty Lover by Shubhi