Slam India Retreat

Slam India Retreat is a three-day immersive experience designed for emerging poets, offering them the opportunity to explore and expand their craft in a novel urban environment. This unique program provides participants with the invaluable opportunity to engage in in-depth workshops led by esteemed international poets, fostering a space for creative growth and collaboration.

Delhi Poetry Slam has organized numerous retreats across diverse locales in India, encompassing destinations like Jaipur, Goa and Udupi. The remarkable success of these retreats can be attributed to the distinguished mentors who have been graciously invited to curate and guide these transformative programs. Notable mentors include Jamaal Amir Akbari, a former Poet Laureate of Ottawa; Nicole Sumner, acclaimed as the Grand Slam Mistress of Seattle; Anne Taylor, a gifted musician hailing from British Columbia; Chris, a renowned reggae artist from the Congo; Lawrence Frey, a prominent poet representing the United Kingdom, among other esteemed individuals who have contributed their expertise and inspiration to our initiatives.

The participants of our retreats have consistently leveraged their experiences to attain remarkable success, both in their professional careers and personal lives, by harnessing the art of spoken word poetry. Among the notable achievements of these talented individuals are the emergence of celebrated spoken word poets, including Shivani Gupta, whose poignant piece "Dear Girl from Pakistan" was captured and subsequently went viral following its presentation during one of our retreats. Furthermore, Dyutima Kapoor, another distinguished poet and retreat alumnus, has achieved widespread acclaim with her evocative poem, "The Basic Rights of a Bird," which has garnered immense popularity on Instagram. Her substantial following can be attributed to her compelling performances and her active presence under the handle @khwaidakiparvaaz. These success stories exemplify the transformative impact our retreats have on emerging spoken word artists.

Next retreat is scheduled to be held in April 2024.