Submission Guidelines

Beetle is an alternative literary magazine, filled with invigorating poetry, imaginative stories and straightforward essays. The magazine hand-picks new writing from all over the world. Accompanied by bold and visionary illustrations, Beetle envisions to do the important work of circulating a soul-touching narrative. 

Selected writers are published in Beetle Magazine and a cash reward of ₹ 50,000 is distributed on a monthly basis. 25 Writers receive ₹ 2,000 each along with publication. All participants receive individual review for their works.


Every month we pick out three topics that can be explored by the writers. These topics are announced at the beginning of every month. Writers can choose one or more topics to write on.

The topics for the upcoming magazine issue have been declared.



Our theme for the next issue is self-destruction and all the potential ramifications of engaging in harmful behaviours. Writers may want to examine an array of bad habits and urges that just cannot be resisted-  alcohol or drug abuse, binge eating, compulsive computer gaming, self-injury, smoking. Such behaviours provide relief and even pleasure in the short-term but their negative outcomes over time are simply unavoidable. 

Writers may want to write about why it is so hard to resist self-destructive urges? Or why do you cave into these temptations in the first place and intentionally keep hurting yourself?

You might also approach subtler forms of self-destruction- such as anger issues, sabotaging close relationships, hiding emotions, housing a mindset of neglect and self-pity. Fatal and extreme self-destructive actions such as suicide can also be explored.


We invite all sorts of stories and poems on the never-ending process of discovering the self- who I am and what I am? This simple question raises a deeply unique and personal subject that stimulates introspection. 

We want writers to freely confess and share the secrets parts of their lives. In their writing, we encourage writers to practice brave openness in revealing shades of gray- their quirks and quiddities, their dreams and regrets, their hopes and demons. Writers may also explore how race, nationality, gender, sexuality, family have an impact on who we are as individuals. 



Beetle Magazine welcomes submissions on indulgence- the fulfilment of human drives related to enjoyment and having fun. To be spoilt and pampered is a matter of pride in today’s society. But have we taken it too far?

An abundance of sorts dictates our lives, more is never enough. Surplus clothes hang on portable racks at the mall to pick and choose from. Sex is not restricted to one partner but to an assortment of colleagues, neighbours and Tinder dates. The rat race to gain more likes and followers on Instagram has bogged us down with a constant need for approval. We’re looking for poems and stories that help us explore everything from debauchery to excessive consumerism.


Currently, we are accepting submissions for July 2020 Issue. We accept the following categories for publication:

  • POETRY: Up to 60 lines maximum (1,500 words)

  • SHORT STORY: Up to 2,500 words maximum

  • FLASH FICTION: Up to 1,000 words maximum

  • PERSONAL ESSAY: Creative personal essays’ length vary between 300 to 3,000 words.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must be written in English.

  • Writers must be at least 13 years old. There is no maximum age restriction.

  • All nationalities are welcome.

  • Multiple submissions are allowed.

  • Copyright of the work remains with the writer.

  • Previously published works are allowed.

  • We encourage beginners to participate. Your writing speaks for itself- if it’s meritorious, your work will be published!

  • Entry fee is INR 1000 for a single work and INR 500 for each additional work.

  • Deadline to submit your works is June 30th 2020, 11.59 PM.

  • The literary magazine will be released on July 10th 2020.

All Participants Receive Individual Feedback

We analyze your writing and give you constructive feedback within couple of weeks. This will help you improvise your writing skills and understand how your work impacts the reader. Writing is a journey, a process. We have the interests of writers in our hearts and guide each one as part of the ever growing DelSlam community.

All entrants receive brief feedback on the quality of their works from a UK based professional writer and poet.


Rhys is 31 years old and lives in Swansea, Wales. He has written two collections of poetry - Amnesia (Accent Press; 2016) and Transition (Accent Press; 2017). He is a recipient of The Short Story Magazine's International Writing Awards and has had work published in publications such as New Welsh Review, The Crunch, Litro Magazine and The Lonely Crowd. He's read at festivals and events over the UK including Hay Festival and Cheltenham Poetry Festival and was selected as a Writer at Work at Hay Festival. He is often tired; always skint, and is currently writing his third collection.