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Submission Guidelines

Beetle is an international literary magazine, filled with invigorating poetry, imaginative stories and straightforward essays. The magazine hand-picks new writing from all over the world. Accompanied by bold and visionary illustrations, Beetle envisions to do the important work of circulating a soul-touching narrative.  

25 selected writers are published in Beetle Magazine and receive a cash reward of ₹2000 each. 


Every month we pick out topics that can be explored by the writers. These topics are announced at the beginning of every month. 

Writers can choose one or more topics to write on.


Have you ever felt like a misfit- like you don't belong in a group of others? 

Free as a kite

Independence and freedom hold a different meaning in each person's life. For some, it lies in being able to take their own decisions while for others being able to breathe, smile or talk willingly counts as freedom. India's independence day is nearing.   Pen down your perspective of freedom. You can write about what is obstructing you from feeling free, what makes you feel independent, what is your idea of a free world ?


Virtual Dating

This pandemic has made the idea of love more complex then it already was. With lovers being miles away from each other, virtual dating has turned into a new normal. Idea of first dates has peacefully switched from meeting in a cafe to making skype calls while sitting against the most gorgeous looking wall of the house. Love over a long distance has its own hardships and misery, yet lovers manage to find their share of happiness while being away from each other. From your imagination, write about the thrill and mystery of falling in love over the internet. 



Currently, we are accepting submissions for September 2020 Issue. We accept the following categories for publication: 

  • POETRY: Up to 60 lines maximum (1,500 words)

  • SHORT STORY: Up to 2,500 words maximum

  • FLASH FICTION: Up to 1,000 words maximum

  • PERSONAL ESSAY: Creative personal essays’ length vary between 300 to 3,000 words.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Submissions must be written in English.

  • Writers must be at least 13 years old. There is no maximum age restriction.

  • All nationalities are welcome.

  • Multiple submissions are allowed.

  • Copyright of the work remains with the writer. 

  • Previously published works are allowed.

  • We encourage beginners to participate. Your writing speaks for itself- if it’s meritorious, your work will be published!

  • Entry fee is INR 1000 for a single work and INR 500 for each additional work.

  • International participants can send payment through PayPal:
  • Deadline to submit your works is August 30th 2020, 11.59 PM.
  • The literary magazine will be released on October 10th 2020.