Beetle is an international literary magazine, filled with invigorating poetry, imaginative stories and straightforward essays. The magazine hand-picks new writing from all over the world. Accompanied by bold and visionary illustrations, Beetle envisions to do the important work of circulating a soul-touching narrative. We pride ourselves in supporting the works of South-Asian and African writers.

July 2020 Issue

The July 2020 Issue has now been released. With a fresh and bold take on understanding our intrinsic human nature, the July Issue features the bright and dark sides of the psyche. We cover the very extremes- from nurturing and acceptance to self-destruction and suicide. 


All winners receive Rs 2000 cash reward and publication in Beetle Magazine

A Confession of Acceptance by Babra Shafiqi

Ode to a Land I Have Never Known by Syeda Namayah Fatima Hussain 

The Language I Breathe in by Ilina Sinha

Pinions by Vaishnavi Sathish

You Know Nothing, Woman by Poorva

Silent Killer by Dia Bhojwani

 Liminal by Ananya Gupta

 Minerals by Tina Huang

Phantom Dreams and Ghost Pain by Muskaan Ohri

Of My Own by Inilash Remot

Craft by Aayushi Saxena

The Attires of Heaven by Caren Mascarenhas 

Suffocate by Shruti Mungi

An Obituary by Akanksha Patra

Halt! by Debahuti Borah

Hairetical by Diya Sabharwal

Here, There and Nowhere by Nikita Prabhu

Lazyboy Shaman by Chaitanya Huprikar

My mother asks me to stop eating more by Diya Kandhari

The Healing by Maria Uzma Ansari

Alleviation by Radhika Agrawal

Womb by Mrudula Kuvalekar

Red by Riddhi Puranik

One More Life by Manisha Mishra

Vegan For A While by Sanjana Saksena Chandra

Consented Rape by Naman Garg

We received 350+ submissions for the July Issue. We would like to thank each and everyone who submitted their works to us. Read our online community blog:

Hope you enjoy reading! 

Each participant will receive a constructive review of their work by 5 PM, 12th July via email. In case you don't receive it, please write to us at and we'll get in touch with you with your review. 

Submissions were invited on the following topics. 

Self Destruction

We cover all the potential ramifications of engaging in harmful behaviours. Writers were prompted to examine an array of bad habits and urges that just cannot be resisted-  alcohol or drug abuse, binge eating, compulsive computer gaming, self-injury, smoking. Such behaviours provide relief and even pleasure in the short-term but their negative outcomes over time are simply unavoidable.


Writers also explored about why it is so hard to resist self-destructive urges? Or why do people cave into these temptations in the first place and intentionally keep hurting themselves?

Some writers approached subtler forms of self-destruction- such as anger issues, sabotaging close relationships, hiding emotions, housing a mindset of neglect and self-pity. Fatal and extreme self-destructive actions such as suicide were also explored.


The never-ending process of discovering the self- who I am and what I am? This simple question raises a deeply unique and personal subject that stimulates introspection.


We prompted writers to freely confess and share the secrets parts of their lives. In their writing, we encouraged writers to practice brave openness in revealing shades of gray- their quirks and quiddities, their dreams and regrets, their hopes and demons. Writers also explored how race, nationality, gender, sexuality, family have an impact on who we are as individuals.


Beetle Magazine called for submissions on indulgence- the fulfilment of human drives related to enjoyment and having fun. To be spoilt and pampered is a matter of pride in today’s society. But have we taken it too far?


An abundance of sorts dictates our lives, more is never enough. Surplus clothes hang on portable racks at the mall to pick and choose from. Sex is not restricted to one partner but to an assortment of colleagues, neighbours and Tinder dates. The rat race to gain more likes and followers on Instagram has bogged us down with a constant need for approval. We invited poems and stories that helped us explore everything from debauchery to excessive consumerism. 

June 2020 Issue


The June 2020 Issue includes searing poems on the experiences of summer, erotic stories about discovering bodily pleasures and straightforward essays on the likelihood of man-woman friendship.

Click here to read the June 2020 Issue for free.

Authors: Reshma Joly, Aishee Ghoshal, Laudeep Singh, Radhika Pradhan, Kiran Mishra, Janesis Fernandes, Abinesh Kumar, Deonte Osayande, Aqsa Eram, Maria Uzma Ansari, Atalant Nadkar, Ria Chakraborty, Mereshah Merybal, Sanjana Saksena Chandra, Anjali Hans, Saloni Panicker, Prisha Tiwari, Mandar Naik, Sneha Vyas, Carl Colaco, Kaushiki Saraswat, Antara Sathe, Anahita Mehra, Preksha Jain and Akshita Himatsingka.

Submissions were invited on the following topics. 



A type of literary genre that describes human sexual relationships and has the power to evoke sexual desire and pleasure in readers’ mind. Erotica becomes a place of acceptance, where we can vent the darker side of our character, exercise our irrational fears and entertain our intrinsic sexual desires. It allows us to celebrate our natural and instinctual tendencies around sex, which are otherwise repressed in society, as society is based on limits of what is acceptable and what is not. Writers were prompted to write on Erotica- letting their minds not be shackled by any limits.

Can Men and Women Be Friends?


For decades this has been an ongoing debate. Some believe that men and women can never be just friends, that there is always a sexual undertone in their friendship and a road leading to the possibility of a fulfilling romance. Some may disagree, because after all friendship is about a bond, a connection that transcends the physical state of being, it belongs to the soul. From the account of personal experiences, writers were asked to answer the question. Let’s end this debate for once and for all, shall we?



The sultry sun transforms your world into a golden wonderland. You can finally go skinny dipping in the lake you have wanted to for so long. Brain Freeze can be expected as there is no dearth of brightly coloured slushies, all flavors and all cup sizes at the grocery store.  Days are much longer and there is enough time to introspect on life, read a book or play board games with your friends and family. The innocent charm of summer is hard to resist. Writers scribbled away on this topic and told us what summer meant to them.