Kaagaz Ke Khwaab

Kaagaz Ke Khwaab

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Author: Kunwar Digvijay 

Kaagaz Ke Khwaab is a poetry book about dreams and perceptions. The poems convey a journey embarked upon by thoughts, aspirations and love. Written in simple and plain Hindustani, it does not try too hard at being serious literature but talks about inner conflicts, which perhaps all of us struggle with at some point and often end up abandoning them. At certain junctures, the book pays a tribute to the passion which a poet carries in his heart.

About the Poet

Kunwar Digvijay is a poet, who has chosen Hindustani as his medium of writing. This comes from a deep rooted belief that Hindi and Urdu are not two different languages but two faces of the same coin. His major influences have been Ghalib, Gulzar, Tagore, Frost and Shakespeare. Music, sports and binge-watching TV and Web Series are his alternative fixations. He lives in Delhi with his parents and younger sister.

ISBN: “978-81-935082-1-3”
Publisher: Delhi Poetry Slam
Language: Hindustani

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