By-Tanish Bafna


I look back,

Wishing for familiarity,

Wishing for belongingness


Asking you a simple question,

Asking for nothing,

nothing but a reason


A reason for your cold stares,

With eyes that know me no more


A reason for your farewells,

That we never even spoke of


But knowing that responses,

Are nothing, but a common rarity,

A rarity, too precious suddenly


A rarity, that we deal in no more.


For now, only silences prevail

Silences and their secrets,

Our new currency,

Our new correspondence


But why do your silhouettes

Still dance around me,

While my shadows lay hidden,

Forgotten for eternity?


Just like every other element,

And every other part of me.


Everyday there’s a gentle reminder,

A morning bell of solitude,

Waking me up,

From a quiet slumber


But then again, what’s a slumber?

For a man who can’t sleep.


It takes a while, to hit snooze everyday,

A little more to wipe away the tears,

Yes, tears

Why, you thought I didn’t cry?


Are you ashamed suddenly?

Ashamed of being seen with me?

Or are you pretending?

Pretending to still care?

For now you know, I am broken.


Ties with me,

Can no longer be kept

I understand and you understand,

But so should the world now


They all say, let bygones be bygones

Because for them,

The problem may be simple,

The gravity, isn’t.


It pulls you down,

Down to nothingness

And it almost did.


Till I started to comprehend

That you, were never worth it


Never worth relying upon,

Never worth crying for

You couldn’t reciprocate,

You couldn’t even hold on


Maybe you’re not even worth

My words and my rhymes

Or am I still the one,

Who is unworthy?



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