By-Anupriya Palni


My bony fingers skim through the list of names,

The people that I kiss fall asleep and lay-

Nested in my arms like infants.

End of Lease again- These people are always merely tenants.


Sometimes I wish I had friends,

I wish that I would get presents.

I’d like to sit and make daisy chains,

Bask in the sun wearing my shades.


I would like to cast aside this dreary shroud;

A warm cardigan and some sweatpants; I would wear proud.

This scythe I wish to throw away,

It’s heavy and really gets in the way.


For once I’d like to hug a friend,

Smile at someone and watch a frown unbend.

I want to hold someone close,

On warmth, I wish to overdose.


I’d like to have a passionate moment with my bride,

One that loves me and is my pride.

I want to do all the normal things that people do,

Sometimes I ask myself, “Why can’t I be Human too”?


The only people who like me are sick,

The ones that await me are also sick.

The rest fear me and loathe me,

Is Life really so sweet, that so bitter I must be?

There's only hate for me,

No one can see that even I get lonely.



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y9sydnxn

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