I still remember when I met you that night

You told me you love me but that was a lie

I could feel your touch being different that time

But I stayed shut ’cause I wasn’t ready to say goodbye


‘Why I fell for you’ was my only afterthought

My mind kept looking for reasons for all that time

Midnight you looked in my eyes and asked, “you alright?”

I held you, wiped silently ’cause I knew I am not anymore your prime


I was the fool searching for reasons when there were none

You were the best thing ever that happened to me

There’s no doubt left that I thought you were the one

Morning comes; you were leaving since it’s all done


Now you’ve vanished like bodies after cremation

Gone yet you are there in my imagination

But yeah you left, leaving me to feel this evil desertion

I am a mess hope this will give you satisfaction



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