By-Gautami Bhisikar

 Dear God, I wish to surrender to You,

I watch around when,

Mirrors seem to reflect my own self,

Foreground received a void within.

Trying to tune with my solitude;

I do speak a word,

When it echoes within my soul;

It's a bit wretched when,

I let down over my role.

Please God, do sermon me…

Soon the sky lost its blaze,

The immense tried to reveal with grace…

Your birth signifies reverence;

And affiliation to your adored ones,

Who wish to array your living...

And dignify throughout the same!


Life isn't an accord to be solved,

But an assessment for hearts to be ruled!

It isn't a stroke of luck,

But a golden chance to toss up!

Vacating isn't the only option;

Do brim over and surprise the faction!



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