By- Aayushi Gupta

I've always seen everyone enjoying the solitude and praising it.

I used to do it too.

I still do, I know I do.

But sometimes, the thin line between solitude and loneliness gets blurred.

And that's when it hits you!

That maybe, the solitude was just an illusion you had,

when in reality, you were just lonely and depressed.

The concept of 'solitude' is popularized anyway.

You think that maybe you should've socialized more with people, made more friends or some companion atleast.

And I know that being in solitude is independent and gives a free sorta feeling,

but for how long would you live alone?

Right now, there's this turmoil in my heart and it feels like it's breaking,

and the walls are pushing themselves towards me,

caging me,

and it's difficult to breathe

because there's no air,

I'm feeling claustrophobic,

I feel as if the last gush of air has already left my lungs,

and I'm suspended in the air

in darkness, feeling nothing.



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