By-Tamanna Bangthai


I sat among the clouds, hoping for a glance of you

Wondering if the height would suffice this time.

I waited longer than ever,

My heart was broken and eyes only a small opening,

But I stayed there alone,

For the hope, for you.

As I wake up from my dream now,

I realize I've been smiling.

Maybe you came,

Maybe you were there.

If only I could remember,

How you came from the clouds

Bringing with you the pleasant sunlight,

That blinded my vision, so,

Even your eyes became hazy as they met mine.

And off I fell into this deep, deep sleep.

I knew I had another such illusion,

The people call it so.

But I know it is my truth,

The truth I can live forever with.



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon: https://tinyurl.com/y9sydnxn





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