By-Jovita Kaur Aroraa


Lone alone I stand in a crowd

Known by a lot but missing one

Seconds minutes days years have passed by

Still wish to see him once

 ages back we had a fight

Angrily I said leave me alone I feel tight

Seconds minutes days years have passed by

 haven't seen him since

I used to be the it girl

 now I am a stranger in my own world those I thought would stay vanished those I loved left without a goodbye

 it was a mistake I made a while back

 and I'm still paying for it

 I didn't know wishes coming true was really a thing

but when mine did I prayed everyday to undo it

And now I am stuck in a world of my own so dark so lone all alone

my cries are unheard no words are said it's just me and my dark self

I wish to see a ray of hope

I knocked on a number of doors

I tried to get rid of sufferance but ended up in a gloom

Guess this what you get for being a fool

I wanted to make it alright but all I have is a dim twilight

No one See's me as if I don't exist

My journey of happiness was brisk

I've been fighting for too long

Like a soldier on war

 the only difference is they fight for a reason n I have none to stay so maybe it's better to let go

I wanna set free n maybe the only way is to not be

I may sound crazy but once I'm gone he'll probably hear what I wanted to say

and if not

some one just like me would understand what I wasn't able to convey

I know I'm not the only one who's alone but I still feel like there's no reason for me to stay I have no desire for tomorrow maybe my soul will rest better in a grave

Sounds easier than going through every Second minute day year alone



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