By-Sumira Grover


I stand alone at the edge

A barrier-

Invisible to you

However, all too visible to me

 -separates us

You and me, me and you


While I can see you

See you laugh with your friends

Go to the movies with them

You probably don’t even know I exist

Don’t worry my friend, I don’t blame you

I won’t ever blame you

After all, it’s all my fault


My footsteps are quiet

My voice is unheard

I leave no imprint

My existence barely exists

I don’t feel my own presence

Then how can I ask you to notice me

No, that would be too unfair

 A burden, I must say


For it is me

Who has built this wall

Between you and me

My insecurities, my worries, my fears weaved together carefully

With your own hands

Your sweet gentle hands without any calluses

Which can do no wrong

Yet, I must reiterate

It is not your fault.


How can it be?

Since you sleep a peaceful sleep

And dream a blissful dream

With my life clutched

In your soft hands

Gently choking me to death.



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