By-Aditi Choudhury


Tears screeching loud in silence

Silence that surrounds as if stolen from graveyards

Your smile as if a mourning orchid

Your sky that has lost its moonlight in darkness

The rustle of sweet chirp now closed within windows

And just the rain that has bought in you again in her thoughts 

The world calls it lonely, you call it escape from her loss

Fighting with the world, with yourself


And I say-

Loneliness is a thought moreover a regret

these thoughts which have risen from your wrong beliefs


Have just made you a caged bird in his own nest

Amidst the bars of memories and out of these memories

Sad ones make us regret the incomplete chapter

Ironically happy ones make us strongly believe the thought


What if we change our belief?

What if we start believing that happy moments are nothing just experiences

And experience never fades away…they stay with us forever

the sad memories?

They define the perfect justification why the story did not end your way


Now, look yourself are you still the caged bird

No! now you are unlocking the cage

Your thoughts have been changing

So where is your loneliness?


Honey! those happy memories are to cherish as your achievement, take its pride

Ok! If again next chapter is left incomplete…god gave you an empty book


You have time, go on with the next chapter…when you complete some chapters


You are going to understand those incomplete chapters have its perfect ending


And say -Why not giving my book another new chapter?


That day the free bird will take birth, chirping in its air

You will listen the silent poetries of graveyards

You will see rain washing mourning orchids to roses of love

Gleaming moonlight coming out of cloud

 the free bird now is a star

And did not you see stars

They even fall down with a sparkle

But you are a shooting star 

You would end with those sweet wishes made on your fall...


So what are you waiting for?



This poem has been published in the book 'The Last Flower Of Spring'. Buy the paperback copy on Amazon:


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