By-Meghna Mukherjee


quite a travail it was

to keep my orbs wide

the beams were dazzling

i was terrified of the reality 

i had nestled closer to her chest

welcoming the warmth pouring off her skin

while she kissed my temples affectionately

pacifying my laments with her delicate touch

as our sights met for the first time

i recognized love in hers

amidst hues of something unfathomable

something abstruse and obscure

this sensation was novel to me

the feel of attaining my haven

having someone to hold

to depend and trust

i was not willing to let go of her yet

having spent moons in the dark

i clung to her figure as hard i could

such intense was my lust for life


they draped me in white

had me groomed to perfection

set for my fate in the strange realm

eager to live all God had promised me

i yearned to indulge my fancies

on the elegant jolly blue planet

the ruthlessness of the society

had not dawned on me then


then it occurred

a deep stab in the back

an excruciating ache diffused through me

also a first for my naive self

a veil pressed on me

my ribs could not move as they would

my vision was hazy

i could no longer see her beaming face

mayhaps she had not desired my self

to witness the grave sin committed

little had my eyelids known

they shall never open


i am in different arms now

safer than the ones i died in

living a story beyond the clouds

in reminiscence of my tragic proem

i still wish to return to a kinder home

with a fitter greeting for me

to perceive and savour things

besides the bitter taste of my end



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