Namrada Varshini

My womanhood weighs me down
like I'm iron chained and flung into the ocean,
there are days when
the sorry from my tongue
has lost all its connotations to begin!
Why do you call a woman, an angel
and define her to be a honeyed glacé
well, I wanna be Michael
plunging Lucifer in his cage!
My womanhood destroys me
where I shove my ghosted heart
with pieces of red stained glass
in hopes I'd bleed out my womanhood
into your chauvinistic whiskey glass!
I'm not your bride in a gossamer veil
I hold bronze daggers, each telling a tale,
I'm not Luna thriving on borrowed light,
I'm Dawn, letting you bask in my holy might!
I don't loathe my womanhood, it's just rage
that I'm smothered and trampled on
in this hell-bent hegemonizing age!
I'm a warrior, my scars
and womanhood, should be my pride
instead they break my mind,
under long sleeves and a tan,
they want me to hide!
What is freedom when,
I'm at a war with myself
and my bleeding thighs
but I sure will not be annihilated
this bigoted society can try!

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