I am happy, can I say?
or every word is gonna make me pay.
Am I too weak if I cry?
Somebody, please help me fly.
Quiet be quiet every time.
Everytime I try to raise my voice.
Isn’t this his wrongdoings?
Why am I the one to sacrifice?
Can't even walk down the road, security wise.
Let it be the way it is.
There is no need to advertise.
Why does everyone blame me for this?
I want to fight on top of my voice.
It has been quite a while.
I do not care if it looks like an advertise.
Is being a woman a crime in justice?
if not then make them pay.
Pray with me that this shall never happen again.
For once let women run stray from the societal defined lanes.
Urge men to agree and believe in women for a change.
Okay sure honey but just wait,
We men will overpower women again.
You are too emotional to lead the parade.
How will you juggle your babies and workplace?
We won't tolerate any of your mistakes.
Quiet be quiet we won’t say it again.
You're declared difficult for just pointing out the toxicity in the males.

Everywhere it is just the same.
Women will end up engulfing the blame.
Now I am old, fifty-four, married but alone.
And still am not allowed to say one 'No'.
God please God I am asking for just this cure.
cause every time he says I am a filthy wife.
He doesn't know I also have a life.



Rimmi Kaur is an author who utilises poetry as a medium to convey her experiences with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and depression. She advocates for transparency in discussing her struggles and employs her writing as a means to confront the ebbs and flows of her mental health journey. Her poems often illuminate the paradox of pain and joy that she grapples with.
Through her poetic expressions, Rimmi has found a way to articulate her anguish and accept her vulnerability. She aspires not only to heal through her work but also to motivate others to freely and honestly express themselves. Writing has evolved into a cathartic outlet for her, and she appreciates the opportunity to communicate her narrative through her written words.

You can follow her on her Instagram @rimmis_truth

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