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Vaga-unbound woman

Dr. Sangeetha Sivaraman

I am not confined to the girl on the left,
The woman on the right
Or the child at the centre,
I am not an object,
I’m not a territory to enter,
Without welcome.
I have moods, as do men,
And am free to be,
What and who I CAN be,
Anyone who tries to confine,
Can meet me at my shrine,
Where faith intertwined,
With feminine grace,
Shall slowly but surely,
Put you in your place.
You can iron my curls,
But my wrought iron strength,
You only aid.
You can critique my body,
But excuse me you are nobody,
You can place limits,
On my physical form,
But can you limit my soul at all?
While I dance,
Like the embers of a flame,
When change approaches,
I’m happy to receive blame.
I hope I’m the face of a new land of safety,
For girls, to be themselves,
And not just in childhood,
But to embrace,
Themselves for all they can be,
And have their own cheerleaders in place, for all walks of life to follow.
I pray I’m the beginning of a safer tomorrow.

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  • Good lines Sangeetha More profundity and less posturing will make the poetry more readable


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