Agnes Xavier

When I lay my head back on an Ola ride,

and wonder if I would reach my destination right !

I meet a fellow passenger telling me how passionate he is about his career in drama!

When I step out to meet my friend in a cafe while she doesn’t turn up,

I smile at Uncle, I don’t know what his name is,

but he sure is a warm heart to giveaway that warm smile!

When I visit a restaurant and bother away in a lonely thought alone,

I meet Ruby Aunty from the last city I stayed,

And she, she had the warmest hug !

When I unite with my laziness crossing the road,

there the bus driver stops, casts a smile and lets me pass by.

With so much strength battling us to die every day,

Let’s breathe the flavour of strange uncertainty.

Let’s take in the love in whatever shape, size and form we are brought to.

Grinding and churning,

baked and burnt,

when we rot to perfections,

let’s embrace the glimpse of our imperfections.

Let’s feel the beat of our heart.

Let us, or maybe someday we never will.

Traveling and throbbing,

Anxious and Smiling,

Bottling and walking.

I melt myself with the love I collect from all

these unsung places.

From the restaurant cashier's courtesy,

to the kid at the street who passed me a smile,

to the driver who dropped me taking the extra mile.

As I pass away with time,

I breathe and breathe,

and stop time at these unsung places.

Because love my friends, is timeless,

and you better get a feel of this,

because you are worth it.


  • It’s beautiful! ❤️

    Kajal Singh
  • This is such a beautiful piece👏🏽


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