Nidhi Deswal

If I were not me
(but) a soul so free
not apprehending
but longing
for a peaceful cessation
If I ever had
a love not bounded
a heart not wounded
to feel not the grief but
ecstasy of isolation
If I ever could
let my thoughts flow
to divorce what they know
to know what's beyond
the places they could go
To know of peace in void
emptiness besides
to know, if not the peace
Then what the abyss hides?
If I were not me
but a soul unshackled
from the chains of regret
from the miseries of past
To embrace not the eternal
but the things that won't last
Would I ever be
a soul so free
not longing for people
not belonging to places
to find how nothingness feels
and what the absolute conceals
Always wandering, always wondering.

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