The Tale of the Black Sheep

Additya Kar

I recently heard this from my brother that today's world is nothing but people full of sarcasm and humour.
This humour around us doesn't allow us to see the truth sometimes. The truth which filters the reality
between known and unknown. It is said and believed as a universal truth that when a person meditate and
reach within itself, it prevails to go on the journey of its truth, but when I see the night sky with the ocean of
stars and the day- light with a ship of birds flying in the blue sky, I see my reality there. I see the truth in the
darkness of a bad deed and the sarcasm in the betrayal to someone's heart. Meditation may allow a
person to seek for the truth of fear and darkness in this world. They say that a practical mind always finds
the right decision in a problem but we humans as temporary creatures are only limited to that thinking.
Truth is, the sun rises in the east and the reality is, the earth rotates from west to east, so amongst these
two, what will you seek and what will u believe?
I know one truth, that we take birth and one day we die, the reality that remains is the truth of our identity
as living creatures who are yet to fulfill what we came for and what reality we desire - Sarcasm or Truth or
will you just keep on doing what you feel is right as your important moments? They say that reality is that
which we see happening in front of our eyes and its not necessary that every truth that we see and hear is
always true.
Reality is that we are living well, with our loved ones, and amongst them we also feel the pain and anxious
of losing them, and to not reveal our reality, we show the truth of our fake smile and unbothered attitude.
How many of us can confess that reality hurts? How many of us can conquer our fear with the reality of
our dark secrets? Some of those living creatures like us who does are considered as either higher ranked
idiots or genius. The only thing that matters here is the sense and responsibility of our life to us and the
positive eagerness to live it with happiness and peace.

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