The streets I walk upon

Disha Khandelwal

I walk towards it
to see the mist
of the winter night.
No one there,
except my shadow
and bricks sideways.
Oh! I know
the similar place,
I go there now and then.
Yes, it’s life
like life
where I walk alone.
The pink breeze
touches skin
and unknown
sounds in ears.
Takes me back to
my room where
closing eyes, only
heartbeats I hear.
Wish I can
see some smiles,
while I
pass through it.
Like I always
wanted someone
to by my side
all my life.
Even unpleasant
sounds at that
time, gives some
sort of relief.
to have not so
good moments in
life, works for journey.
When it’s near end,
I speed up to
enter another one.
Just like a phase
of life, I
never wanted to
look back.


  • Great ! keep it Up 👌

  • Keep rocking as you are

  • Keep rocking as you are

  • Wow, amazing, great…… Keep it up👍❤

    Bela Saraff
  • Great ! Keep it up

    Sanjay shah
  • Great blog

  • Keep it up

    Sudhir gupt
  • Khush raho


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