Streets Are artwork Of Freedom

Shreya Tare

Streets never appealed as freedom to me,
Before now.
Streets form artwork.
With the ocean of sky,
Thrust between buildings so high.
The windows of acrossed
Re-reflecting the lights,
Making wonderfull coloured drapers.
As I stand,
The walls shrink as I look ahead.
With graffiti and posters,
From grey to red.
Timely, was it, that I drowned
the fact, that I held the canvas, I just had painted.
Gazing adoringly at my first attempt,
I realised I knew how to imagine.
The colors on the street transitioned,
And my imagination motioned.
The shades in the windows changed,
With a few new cars, now laned.
I had learnt to imagine.
I had learnt the feel of freedom.
I had learnt poetry.

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