Saniya Naeem

The stars in the sky often make me wonder
If they are someone I know
Or mere stars in the night's slender,
Shifting their positions to and fro.
The stars in the sky often make me wonder,
Of how far away they stand
Yet how clearly visible,
How graceful and grand
Yet so... quiet and simple.
These stars make me wonder,
Of how peaceful one can be
Even with mighty chaos under
And happy with the same kind around thee.
Closing our eyes we wish
We wish, as we see them fall apart
To be not selfish
Is what they they depart.
Each star has it's own shine
Though always compared to the moon,
They never weep or whine
It's life for others...a BOON! 


  • wow 👌 very beautifully narrated well done saniya

    Farzana gour
  • Vet well expressed. So nice of Delhi Poetry Slam for encouraging young talents and helping them with a platform for exhibition🙏🙏 look forward to more such initiatives.


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