Poetry and Me


Poems? Poetry?
Not for me
I don't like them.

As I firmly believed in my non-creative side
My professor once said
You chose Literature, you can't be art denied.

In my mind
I laughed and sighed
At those comments from my teacher who was very right.

Life went on at its pace
My mind wandered the entire earthly space
And I failed to tame my mind to rest in grace.

Made decisions that I regretted
And some sweet memories
That were only bitter and gave my life a false glitter. 

I had to let it all go
But I couldn't do so
And that's where I met someone.

I met Poetry
The art of expressing myself
No judgment or assumptions made.

I met a therapist in art
I purged and made a fresh start
Now I write and kinda like it in my heart.


Srishti Pandey hails from the holy city of Varanasi. She recently pursued a Postgraduate diploma degree in English Journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Dhenkanal, Odisha. Her interests include listening to music, watching movies, and reading books and she finds beauty in all aspects of nature. She believes that one should always be kind to others. 

She posts her random musings on Instagram - @hiraethpeace

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