Naked Leaf


And as you made your choices
There's the road you'll see.
There is now the direction which stands.
Now you can be where you want to be.

I sometimes question
If what we say as life is a real thing.
Maybe its an unending eternity.
Maybe you apprently will come back in the same ring.

If it is so that my life is long
Then tell me how you measure
If you say my life is brief
Then Tell me what's that pleasure.

For me that fly near the light is just about to Die
Oh! Such a brief life i thought
And suddenly the fire replied
Honey your time has also come: Bye Bye

Rivers Mountains Sky Galaxies
Feel like Have been eternally playing their game
Probably they were made just a second before.Before humans came.

I dont think there's any question to ask.
Which u ask the monk you see
I think he's just made peace with the nature
And he now knows wheres he's gonna be

So just like the flower he blooms more often.
Just like the thorn he pricks your mind.
Just like the sky he shows you half mysteries.
And just like the darkness he pretends you'll die.

Maybe  the sky is looking when will you fall down.
Maybe the sun is observing when will your eyes gets blurr.
Maybe the wind is waiting to take your soul away.
Maybe the earth is waiting when will you come back to her.

You dont know anything.
You got no responsibility to fulfill.
Still you put yourself through misery.
When the nature is so chill.

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