Lucid Dream


I can hear the shattering of the mirror in my dream. 
The clink, the crack. 
And when he did it,
did he use a baseball bat?
There was a man in the dream,
and he got down on one knee
and gave me a ring.
It had a big old diamond
and a plain gold band.
I said no, so he broke
the mirror in my bathroom.
He knocked the door down,
took the whole thing off its hinges.
He swung something at the mirror.
He must've. He was angry—
I was scared. I tell him
yes, i tell him anything to quell his anger. 
yes, yes, i love you, yes, a million times
yes. I woke up afraid in the dark,
and i would tell my mother
but the last time I told her what I dreamt;
something about teeth falling out—
she told me to brush them better
and that I was insecure. 
Samyukta Raghavan is a final year student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women. She is studying English and wishes to pursue creative writing further. She enjoys poetry, music and chocolate milk. 

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