Love in the New Age

Nidhi Shukla

Love is the Trump card of life
Without connection; it feels like a knife
It bewilders me to see all these contours
How can we live so isolated, with literally no cure

The vision of the world is colliding
The dip in excitement is palpable, it's chiding
The present seems more vicious than the past
Oh! Don't even talk about the future; it already looks aghast

What is lurking all around is a fear apparition
How can love survive with these dangerous premonitions
It all looks dark, whether it's a cliff or a valley
People shun each other, in every single alley

Disgust is all around, there is no hope of affection
Separation looms large, so does desperation

We have long been fed beliefs about utter rejection
Our tablets and desktops have created painful walls of perfection
Maybe the olds are right, love in our generation is compromised
But why does my heart flicker, as if there is still a strand of light

The screens of our computer have created distance, that's true outright
But what if it has given us the space, to finally be ourselves alight
People around us saw us as a drop, when we were the whole ocean
The depths of our soul have a platform now, to discover all emotion

They say we have been ripped apart by the threads of technology
Let us use it to encompass a sense of belonging, that exists in no mythology

It starts with you, it starts with me; let's commit to feeling immense
Let's ask the questions we were never asked, stopping this game of pretence
Let's use the distances in miles to bridge the gap within our hearts
Let's become so authentic about our true selves, that there is no need for a game of darts

Internet is just a tool, it's neither light nor dark
If we use it to put our broken pieces together, it will become a mosaic with love as it's remark
The world is our oyster now, to find the perfect mate
It all depends on the truth in our hearts, a new universe; let's create!

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