Inusha Panigrahi

Hey friends, come and see
The streets are uzzing like Honey bee
There is much hustle and bustle
You can hear the milkman’s whistle
The city is active at it’s pace
Everyone is catching on the race
Mr Oliver is here to say
You can have your haircut your way
Here comes the vegetable cart
No need to go to the mart
On the road the vehicles run
Under the tree, the children are having fun
Aunty is there with a grocery bag
Once done, please check your tag
Some people are chatting
At the bus stop, some are waiting
Policemen are busy here checking
Food vendors are busy packing
The sun is gradually going down
Some are driving back to town

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  • It’s a beautiful reflection of our society.Nice composition.

    Purnima Acharya

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