Let me be Free

Abhishek Sharma

I was born a girl on this strange blue planet, I didn’t know where I was.
But from when I was little to becoming an adult, I was told that I have flaws.
“You can’t wear this”, “you can’t sit like that”, there were so many rules to follow.
I kept telling myself that restrictions are normal, that life was meant to be hollow.
“She must have flirted”, “Look what she’s wearing”, such was passed as fact.
“You must stay quiet”, “It’ll get better with time”, I was forced on how to react.
“You can’t earn more than him, you’ll hurt his ego, He needs to feel like a man”
“You must please him, & look after the family. What woman wants any other plan?”
To hell with it all, I am my own person, I will not go without a fight.
I’ll Speak & Dress & Work how I want, I’ll show the world my incredible Might.
I’ll soar as high as I possibly can, and break through every glass ceiling.
“Don’t you doubt yourself, You can handle it all”. It’s such an ecstatic feeling.
To every woman who’s afraid to step out, like a bird that’s lost her fiight.
I’ll offer to help them heal their wings. And watch them rise, Free as a Kite.
In my next life, I was born as a boy. It seemed easier in the start.
Turns out I’m not supposed to show feelings, & just keep it in my heart.
“Boys do not cry”, “You should act like a man”. I grew up in a blink.
But fitting this stereotype & bottling up emotions … I’ll definitely need a shrink.
“You just want sex & beer & sports”, “You’re incompetent & do no good”.
I’m more complex & sensitive & kind. In reality, that’s true manhood.
I am pushed into wars & coalmines & sewers. Why am I so easy to dispose?
“You must stay strong, a Man’s life you’ve been given”, but it’s not the one I chose.
“You need to earn good & provide for the family”, the pressure is quite a lot.
Let’s do this together & help each other out, & not put me in the spot.
When I’m a boy, teach me good values. And tell me its ok to feel.
Encourage me to speak up about my emotions, show me how I can heal.
What if I’m hurt or in pain or depressed? What if I face assault?
Tell me it’s okay to cry & be weak, and that it’s not always my fault.
There’s no “one” right way to act like a man. I hope this, the world can see.
Give me the choice to figure things out, to become a man who’s free.
Whoever one is, they just need respect. Let’s spread the message of love.
With true compassion, for all fellow beings, our world will rise above.
Let’s free our minds, from this vicious cycle, of hatred & suffering & pain.
Let’s foster happiness & mutual benevolence. We have so much to gain.
Let’s free our hearts, from judging others, from focussing on someone’s flaws.
Let’s admire a person for who she is now, & not for who she was.
Let’s free our souls from the pressures of society, & let go of this greed for wealth.
Let’s focus on growing with goodness & virtues, & take care of our health.
Let’s help out each other, so we can be free, & keep negativity at bay.
We are all part of this marvellous existence. We all have a part to play.

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