Free As A Kite

Sakshi Swarup

“Oh, I could never do it,” the little kite said,
As he looked at the others high above over his head;
“I know I will fall if I tried to fly.”
“Try,” said the big kite; only try my dear boy,
Or I fear you will never learn at all.”
But the little kite said, “I’m fearful I might fall.”

The big kite sighed; “Ah well then good-bye;
I’m off; and he rose towards the tranquil sky.
Then with a courageous heart,
The little kite’s paper rustled at the sight,
And quivering he shook himself free for a flight.
Whirling and frightened but eventually braver he grown,
Up, up he rose through the air alone,
Till the big kite looking down could see
The little one was rising gradually.

Then the little kite thrilled with joy and pride,
Just because he sailed with the big kite side by side.
While, far below he could see the ground,
And the boys like small spots was just moving around.
They rested high in the quiet air,
Among the birds and clouds as they were only there.
“Oh, how cheerful I feel,” the little kite cried;
“And all because I believed myself and tried.”

“Just spread your wings and fly in the sky like a little kid,
Don’t worry about the time when you might slid,
Experience a wholesome without any excuse that you might forbid.”
“Because whenever you miss out on any opportunity amid the fright within,
You are definitely losing a part of your character with all that thinking.”
“Take charge and liberty of your flight,
Swarm away as a Free Kite.”

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