Free As A Kite

Vashai Pamreishim  Zimik

Our secret shall be that we are born free-
Though, now, fettered down in infinite chains,
Though Life and the World may not agree -
You know you're free to fly free as a kite!

Have you seen how pretty they sail the skies
And when they're cut or break free from the strings,
It's only way is down - though the wind tries -
But fails to keep it steady on its wings.

In a four-walled room, it is hard to see
Everything you want, desire, and dream of
But your heart, mind and soul is always free-
The bliss of freedom; and peril, thereof.

One must know: humans, we're by nature flawed-
Faith, conscience and humanity goes far
But law and order must string the outlawed,
For we're humans: just like the kites we are!

For your mind is free to fly anywhere,
For your dreams can build any frame you choose,
For you can color your heart dark or fair;
I hope- the grip on your strings- you don't lose.

You were born free and you shall always be-
Choices between good and bad you must fight,
But remember, when you feel you must flee,
It is enough to fly free as a kite!

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