Flying Across Skies

Savita Singh

I must have lacked somewhere,
My intention must have been covered in dust,
Why else would people think I am sober,
Why else would they think I am in the same race.
How is it not visible that I am after myself?
For I lost my pearls years ago,
and now I dangle around beloved's neck.
How is it not clear that I have lost my mind?
Torment is not suffering anymore,
I laugh loudest when presented with grief
and my soul dances on a music that is unheard to others.
Have you ever seen a sane man living like this?
Put me down from the pedastal of your mind,
and place me naked on the ground,
For that is my only place.
I belong to the earth and this mud
Is the only color I want to wear on my skin.
I am in love with existence itself
and I keep these letters a secret.
Each moment it takes my name,
Each moment I kiss its feet,
My soul birls in euphoria
and this world cannot believe..
That condemnation encourages me,
and insults sound like a loving whisper.
What else can you do to me?
I am flying across skies,
I am merely a visitor.

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