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Divergent Roads

Sakshi Sinha

I'm a vagrant traveller
Stumbled upon divergent path
Each leads their own destination
Baffled, gazed widely in both direction
None if them had personal predilection
Hot, sunny day
Enervated could I be
Standing in the middle of a busy street
Realised it's time to ask help
Unfamiliar place and vocabulary but can't dwell
Managed to cross busy street
Saw a frowned lady hoping how helpful she can be
Shabby my appearance and condition
She muttered words, I couldn't understand
Offered me food, an act of helping hand
She looked miserable and struggled to make ends meet
Yet I pointed my finger at the divergent street
She nodded and utter in an unfamiliar tone I couldn't understand
A waste of time, my face expressed reprimand
Thanked for her kind gesture, I left
As I have to complete my life's quest
Again stuck in dilemma which path to choose
Picked a road and trust the Almighty cause that's the only thing I could do...

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