Bucket List

Dyondra Wilson

Walking home from work today, I saw a Korean woman setting up flowers at the back of her truck on the side of a random dirt road. The vibrant hues from hermulticolor display of flowers clashed with her red pick up truck and the dullpavement, making her random beautiful exhibit stick out on the side of the road.She was meticulously examining each flower and cleaning them up as my feet headed toward her. The truck and her presence made my curious mind wonder and next thing I know I’m saying hello to her in Korean.

“Annyeonghaseyo” is a common greeting that gained its familiarity from my mind to my lips from my almost 2 years living abroad, she said it back as I approached her. Despite the language barrier, I proceeded to compliment her flowers and ask her questions like “what flower is this? And do you sell flowers in other cities too or just Gimcheon?” She proceeded to answer my questions using whatever English she could, “No only Gimcheon, but this is my bucket list.” In my head, I questioned her word choice “Bucket list”? Selling flowers on the side of the road? This question arose out of curiosity though, not judgment because I never thought of it being something bucket list “worthy” but to her it was. My curiosity spiked so I asked her “do you have many customers?” And she said, “no, not always and today you're number two.” As soon as she said that I felt bad. I didn’t have any intention of buying because 1. I hardly carry cash and 2. I knew I only had 2,000 won in my wallet. So I said “No I’m sorry I don’t have any money for them today. I just wanted to say hello.” After realizing she reached over and handed a bouquet for free. I proceeded to say no it’s okay this is your business, I don’t want to take it from you and she proceeded to say “No, this is for speaking to me.” With a smile on her face, I could see she was just happy to give them to me, and with a smile on mine too, I was happy to receive them. I pulled out the little cash I did have and gave it to her, and her thankful grin said enough. As I walked away I found it funny how one minute you could be walking home and the next minute you could be walking home with flowers. It’s truly the little things. The serendipity of it all amuses me as I mentally take note of a new bucket list idea.

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  • This is really beautiful piece about conversations and feelings! Woah..:)

    Arya Mohapatra

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