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Broken Dreams

Marbamonlang Rani

I often dreamed that I would fly
And someday be a star;
But I have failed to reason why
my arms have needle scars.

When, "You should try just once," they said,
I should have then refused,
"No please, I have a dream," instead;
avoiding drugs abuse.

Where cannabis and heroin
delude me from reality,
There, alcohol and cigarettes
exclude me from the family.

When loneliness beside me sleeps,
There's syringe pierced into my skin;
Hallucination wildly creeps,
I know not even when I sin.

I was a Dr.Jekyll then,
And how I thought I could suppress
the evil Hyde that tortured men.
But like he, drugs have made me less.

If I could see tomorrow still,
Then I will live and drugs shall die,
But if tonight addictions kill,
To life and dreams,I bid goodbye.


  • Smashed it!

  • Beautiful… piece keep posting and keep up the good work.


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