Balwans of Galwan [ Brave hearts of Galwan ]

Dr. Sachidananda Panda

The night of Monday 15th Jun
Was horrific though
Was one such act of valor, out of many
We paid for freedom, as a nation sovereign
The icy cliffs of Galwan that turned red
When trust was bartered, for greed to be fed
Truculent lies coupled with blaggardly plot
That led to a doleful dripping of innocent blood

A smile, still was there on lips
As dogs did bite from back
An act cowardice!
The dastards never knew, that Monday’s past
A Tuesday perhaps will run fast
Balwans of Galwan with an array of primitive law
Would certainly render a brutal blow
To avenge on count, every drop of blood
Shed silent at Galwan, or at Pangong tso

Babu Santosh led from the front
Sons of the soil and the valiant lot
Every inch of land, to uphold the pride
With the roar of tigers,” Jai Bajrangbali”
Claws of vengeance and the fiery wrath
Dance of death was wild on swathe
Torn into pieces all cowards breast
Trampled with scourge, broke spine and neck

Fifty dogs were fodders for tigers twenty
Roars did resonate the terrains and cliffs
Raw valor weighed against the barbed sticks
Batons of enemies, iron nails and rods
Premeditated design, the nefarious plots
All fell flat, before bare hands and the guts

Lessons were taught quite squire and fair
To ponder thousand times, before they dare
To venture the territory and the tigers den
Where an ostrich is treated as a stingy hen
The nation salutes the stout hearts of braves
With prayers in heart at your immortal graves
Today! When “Tri colour” paints the skies
It fills a sense of honour and pride,
In adoration, for thy supreme sacrifice
For freedom, for fortitude, and a sane society

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