A Smile Worth Exchanging

Shriya Bhalla

Christmas time, morning hush, decorations and celebrations all around. I remember this day as I was searching for an ATM from one place to another just to face long queues and 'No Cash or Out of Service' notice. The streets never so busy on a holiday morning felt like a crowded fair. Pissed off with the situation and cursing every minute of the time being wasted wandering here and there, this was the time when everyone was worried about their money and me being one of them was sick and tired of what was happening. Accompanying my father, I stopped when the traffic light turned red. Thinking of what to do next and where to go, I had a frown on my face. Blabbering in my own mind and confused in my thoughts, I saw two little girls ,with sparkling eyes and torn clothes, playing barefoot on the footpath with a 'torn Santa cap' .The girls stopped playing for a while and looked at me. They kept looking at me with their mesmerizing eyes and passed a smiled. I was drawn to their beautiful smile. They did not ask anything from me. They just stopped as if somebody had caught them being mischievous. Hiding the cap behind, they tried to convey something behind their smile.I looked at them and couldn't stop myself from smiling back. I had nothing to give to them but still we exchanged our hearts and a beautiful smile. The light turned green. I was keen to capture them but with no camera with me, I captured them in my eyes.
Those thirty seconds were worth spending. They changed something in me. I can still see those little girls with a smiling face with my eyes closed. I end up wishing the best for them. It's been years now and I wish I could run back to same moment and again have a glimpse of the two playing and enjoying.

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