A second chance- Karnika singh

In your light, I'm drawn near, a radiant gleam,

Bright, beautiful, like a gentle dream.

As your fingers glide through my hair,

Whispering love, I tremble, feeling bare.


My thoughts swirl in a fog, a tangled maze,

Past, present, future, in a mystic haze.

Longing fills my soul, with every breath,

For your warmth, I pine, with every step.


I perceive all cautions, in every form,

A tremor in my voice, heart's storm.

You sense my heart's wild sound,

Nestling my head, I'm inward bound.


I feel your love flow through your gentle touch,

Down my spine, a rush 

Worries fade away in your tender care,

Rooted together, in love's soil, a destined pair.


Perhaps you've known loss, endured its pain,

Forgive my past reluctance, my heart's refrain.

It's been a while, but now it feels so right,

Guarding my heart, now ready to take its flight.


Now, let's give love a second chance,

Dance under moonlight, in a lover's trance.

Hand in hand, side by side, we'll stride,

In this realm of boundless light, let our love abide.


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