A movie goodbye


It’s a movie goodbye but it’s rush hour, 
no empty roads to dawdle on, 
cars behind us continuously honk. 
In a minute though, you’ll be gone. 

It’s a movie goodbye and I softly ask, 
if you could pull over to the side. 
You don’t hear me and 
I don’t ask again because - well - pride. 

It’s a movie goodbye and there’s 
all the elements too–  
the soft drizzle of the rain, the light from the moon, 
me, and of course, you. 

It’s goodbye, and I wonder
if a part of you is still mine.
We hug, I try to freeze time. 

I watch you drive away; 
eventually, the night turns black. 
I thought it was a movie goodbye, 
but you never looked back. 


Brought up in Mumbai and currently based out of New Delhi, Mallika is a newly “public” amateur poet and musician. Passionate about mental health, BIG feelings and authenticity, art is her primary way of connecting with herself (and finding joy) when the world becomes a little too loud. You can find her on Instagram (@lmaolika_) if you’d like to chat!


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