Samarth Singh Ashiya

You and I, are like a lullaby,
You cuddled underneath the blanket with your lips sputtering,
I looked over with the circles around my eyes, darker than the night,
Our complexions meld like a coffee undone over a fight,
Would you date me afresh, yet another time?

It feels like a wheel circling over and over again, but yet we do it again,
Like the door bang closed, I wait!
Thoughts breaking up, coming up and paused.
An uncomfortable silence has been caused.
Would you date me, yet another time?

Your steps minced around, I feel thy presence!
Wanting to hold you, my hands brushing black shoes,
Winds curl your hair, as windows can feel your nose,
Embracing, wish I am a window coupled with winds.
Date me! Would you another time?

Noon, I glimpse your picture on my screen,
Evening, I beat the traffic to make the meal anew,
Served on the table, I wait minute by minute,
Our song is played, it’s Dylan ‘Don’t think twice, Its all alright’,
Arrangements are done with your favourite fairy lights,
Come on! We have a date tonight.

Many years now have gone by, it’s still “you and I”,
Now the door is you, coffee making machine is you, corners are you,
Bedsheets are you, the songs are you, windows and winds are you,
Wait a second, please! Everything I am is you.

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