You. I Am You!

Shubhrika Dogra

Look for her, look for him, look for me and for you too.
Look for them and their names, and their definition boxes too.
I look for he and she and sometimes, thee but I haven’t yet, found me.
I wake up and search for them but just let it all be.
Now there’s a hunt to do and I’m on a spree.
Let me say some things while I am still free.
I try to find you in me, and me in you,
forgetting that we are only similar and just a few.
I too, can be so much, I say,
With effort & work, no need to pray.
You want me to be somewhere new or amongst the older systems and confine myself back to the ultimate queue.
I will scream today, that I too, am a girl, a boy, an aunt, an uncle, a brother, a sister, a eunuch, a bisexual or simply among the many few. I too, am you.
I too am a doctor, a nurse, an accountant, an astronaut, a driver, a builder, fielder or upon the ship crew.
When would you realize that even I am you?
I am a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian, a Buddhist, a monk, a Judaist, a Jain, a Sikh or simply an atheist.
This doesn’t limit the choice of my ‘who?’ and I too, am you.
I too, am a painter, a writer, a student, a dancer, a singer, a golf player, goalkeeper, photographer, traveller, even a housemaker.
Will this define if I’m the one to always cook and stew?
When, my society, shall you see that I too am you?
My coffee tastes like yours and the sun shone bright this morning, on me as well as you.
I feel just as much out of line and lost as do you.
Life, for me too, is the very same brew.
I am whole. So are you. We aren’t no residue.
All I want is your hand to hold and learn something new.
Will you realize that we went ahead, and up, we grew.
Or let the world pass and see how your chances blew?

Be one and don’t ask me to define who I am or do it for you.
My fellow mate, neither do I know, nor do you want to confine the skies we flew.
What difference does it make, whether we stand among the many or the few?
All I know when I look up at you, you are me and I am you.

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