You have my heart

By Ashima Agrawal

Science says
You're fist sized
But by philanthrophy
You get bigger everytime
I wonder, how!
So comfortable in your skin
You adore your shape and size
You speak different language
Sometimes, I don't discern what you say
There's so much inside you
But still I feel void
You envy with my brain. Don't you have any?
I love calm song of life
And then you add beats into it
You hate lies so 
I break ties
We both are in pain
But I guess between us ego again
My actions hurt you, makes you heavy
Oh wait, they put on your weight
Still you dont complain
Oh heart, you have my heart!
We're tom and jerry
Without you my cake got no cherry
At times,
We might not sync
We might not underatand each other
But lets promise
I keep you inside me 
You keep me inside your heart 
And maybe this is how
Self love starts.


  • Oh you get me everytime in the last line..

  • ASHIMA!!!!
    well done :-)

    Farheen Mirza
  • Beautifully written . . . !!!

    Vatsika Dubey
  • Congratulations! So proud of you?

    Sakshi Goyal
  • Congrats!!!Good going Ashima…..Keep it up!!

    Supriya Gupta

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