You are worthy of amazing sex!

Vanshika Kakkar

'Nature wants us to have pleasure.' This is the absolute truth about our existence. Eroticism, a medium for spirit's sensual self-expression is a precious element of our being. Ancient Indians believed in the freedom of sexual expression. If you have read books like Kamasutra you know that it is a fact that sexual satisfaction was like a fuel that drove them to their highest potential. It's heartbreaking to see that men and women in the 21st century feel like they are limited and our unable to express their desires and demand the pleasure they deserve. It's the result of false conditioning of our minds that people have a hard time accepting and embracing their sexuality. But it's high time we take our power back and start taking our pleasure seriously. It all starts with loving ourselves deeply and knowing that we are worthy of having our sexual needs met and to create a space where we can express our erotical desires.
Did you know that the only purpose of clitoris is to derive pleasure and it does not play any role in pregnancy? Can you differentiate between vagina and vulva without taking any help from google? If you know the answers, that's fantastic but if you don't, you've got some learning to do. Educating yourself about human body is the first step towards having an amazing sex life. It's very essential that you know some facts about how your body responds to sexual stimulation. It's a fact that while having sex, men experience arousal only in their genitalia while women's whole body is aroused. Interesting, right? Well, you can discover a lot more if you go deeper into the subject.
To have mind -blowing sex, you have to freely use your imagination and creativity without any limits because remember you're the only person who can limit yourself and you don't wanna do that, specially not to your sex life. Be bold, be expressive, be kinky, be you. Bring your partner along for the ride by communicating your fantasies and desires. What do you like, how do you like it, speak up. Communication creates a sexual chemistry that goes a long way and opens up a world of infinite possibilities.
If you want to experience passionate love making, setting the mood is a must. Dim the lights, put on some arousing music, have some wine, spritz your favourite perfume and don't forget to light the scented candles, women love it. Try new things and find new places to shag. Experimenting requires some visualization so put your imagination to good you.
A latest discovery in the field of sexual science is about how mindfulness and meditation have a powerful impact on our sex lives. Connecting with your higher-self through meditation, yoga or journaling helps in reducing stress and stress is one of the major blocks to getting an orgasmic response. When we are in stress, our body releases hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which makes us physically incapable of orgasming. So now you have a very good reason to start meditating or you can practice any other mindfulness technique which suits you if you want to experience a powerful orgasmic response. Believe me, it's worth it.
Sex is just as much a mental activity as it is a physical one, so open yourself to the world of sexuality. Sink deeper, drift deeper into your own sexuality. Touch yourself often, take a mirror and look at yourself. Have a sexy mind, do whatever makes you feel sexy. When riding solo, discover what makes you feel good, what gives you pleasure. Being in touch with your own sexuality will boost your confidence and will create magic when you're in bed with your partner.
Reinforce the belief that you are absolutely worthy of having an amazing sex life. Develop deep intimacy and sexual compatibility with yourself and your partner and I promise you'll wonder, "Wow! who even knew, this was possible.

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