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You are not alone

By Muskan Gupta

It is true that God has send us alone here to serve our souls with church views,
But what we are finding here the people with the good virtues , 
We are so alone in this world that we are atrociuosly fighting for sides,
To find the people who are egotistically brushing aside,
Not we are intuitive and besuited to Know the Truth of Chaos before the universe
But we are not possible to acquire the Meaning of being only you before the existence,
Because hardly the times would make us understand that the importance of our needs, 
Because Everything is associated with our existence and only with our deeds.


  • amazing..❤️❤️

  • Proud of u muski ?❤️

    Sanya Setia
  • It’s really good. ?

    Sanya Sharma
  • Proud of u ❤️❤️

  • Speechless❤❤its amazing muskuu keep it up ??awsm?❤

    Ritika dhingra
  • Mind blowing
    Heart touching words ??

  • No words♥️Just Amazing?

    Monark Arora
  • Very mesmerizing, you wrote sooo well❤️

  • Heart touching poem… ? keep up the good work.


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