Malavika A

Your eyes, 
The wizards magic wand 
Which doesn't spare me 
From it's spell. 
Your voice, 
The hypnotist's clock
Which sends me into a
Happy oblivion. 
Your lips, 
The soft edges of 
Pashmina silk 
Which gives me goosebumps . 
Your skin,
The golden dazzle 
Of the sun, 
Which traps me impulsively. 
You, the prince 
Of a fairy tale, 
Who makes a damsel 
Fall in love! 


  • I really liked the way this is written. The words give out a strong feeling of things that are depicted. It has a nice rhythm to it!

    Abhidnya Bhave
  • It’s really nice. But for me it’s a bit too cheesy but I realize that it has it’s own beauty and for the first time I have actually been able to appreciate something so simple yet so beautiful.

    Juhi Seernani

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