Yes! I indulge

Chaarvi Murari

I jolt from my sleep
I jump into my flip-flops in reach

I peel off notes from every pocket
I bolt to the nearest supermarket

I strip off trails of inflated packets

I sweep away cartons in my bags
I grab onto big and small cans

I clutch tiny wrappers in abundance

I pull away rows of sachets
I throw away money more than my budgets

I scan standing there each and every rack
I load all the sacks on my arms, shoulders and back

I drag myself back to my hide
I pump tonics on the way like fuel to drive

I struggle to open the lock of my door

I pour all of it on my bed
I look at it as if never been fed

I rip off the covers
I tear off the tops
I spin open the caps
I unfold the wraps

I gear up to engorge
I make sure not to drop

All set to begin

I crunch, gulp, hog and munch, until I belch and buldge
Yes! I indulge!


  • This is so beautiful and relatable…the guilt, the pleasure and repeating it all again…every single word of it is carved ❤️

  • Lovely poetry chaarvi!! Reminds me of my hostel days!

  • Lovely poetry chaarvi!! Reminds me of my hostel days!

  • “I clutch tiny wrappers in abundance”👌👌
    Awesome Chaarvi!😇 Congratulations!❤️😄

    Aayesha Shrivastava
  • Wonderful chaarvi

    Meera nair
  • Great stuff. Wishing u all the best.

  • This was such an honestly penned down piece Chaarvi, on behalf of everyone! And such complex feelings put down in a simple comprehensive way..loved the composition!

  • Mesmerised by this poem with such a substantial and relatable meaning
    Love it

  • Lovely!! Super relatable…’re so talented!!! Keep it up
    All the best


  • Superb dear.. 😍

  • Wow Chaarvi! Great poem and visualization <3 <3

  • Yes! I can indulge in your poems all the time!

  • Really Awesome and creative chaar..

  • Really Awesome and creative chaar..

  • Superb, so true about the present generation

  • Oh my dear Girl,
    your work makes me sing & swirl!
    To thy pen I bow,
    I love the seeds you sow.
    Yours is a remarkable journey to know…
    May you always flourish & grow! 💞

    Lots of Love💝

  • Superb

  • Raw and Real💜

  • Raw and Real💜

  • I love how you have played with imagery and it gives one a sense of momentary escape!

    Mudita Raj

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