Wolf in disguise

By Kritika Bhambry

She can be locked in the room

They can silence her cries

But she's not to be confused as weak

As she's a wolf in disguise 


She's the storm after the calm

She's the thunder of the night

In the world full of wrongs

She's the one that makes them right


He took her for granted 

He thought she'll always be there

But now she's realising her worth

And its finally the time to be fair


She needs no man

Or anyone's validation

She is her own warrior

And will lead to her own salvation


She's not anyone's princess

Nor is she someone's queen

She's a badass goddess 

And it's reflected in her mien


He thought she was another girl

But losing her is making him realise

Her love was deeper than the oceans

And her warmth could melt the ice


She was not born to please anyone

As Pleasing is not a woman's job

She was born to fight back

And not to sit and sob


She's the incarnation of a wolf

Alpha, savage and unapologetic

Her wild wasn't meant to be tamed

Her presence wasn't meant to be poetic


She doesn't get suppressed 

Instead she fights back the oppression

Durga, Kaali and Saraswati

She is their most beautiful expression 


She's not meant to be seen as fragile

Or loved only if she's fresh and new

She's born to conquer the world

And this she is you


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  • Loved your poem. It was a simple read but with a depth of meaning.

    Y.M. Shailaja

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