Winter Love

By Rhea Atre

There is something about,
Winter breeze
In a city where I breathe in vapour

Winter arrives when you do
Your glimpse brings in a cool breeze
Your smile blazes the festive lights

For everything around me
Still complains of sweat
While, I sit hearing you, Your voice
A fuzzy coat in my chilly shell

I wait for a breeze of spring
A proclamation from the divine
An assurance from the universe
That these chills come from love that is true

I decorate my winter
With flowers of spring
I try to make my love
A picturesque for the world to admire

I sit and watch
As my flowers wither
Wither in the freezing passion
No summer could melt,
No spring would sing

I weep and weep
Because my love is no summer
And then, I weep in joy
As my tears turn to snow

There is something about
Winter breeze
At the season when i must be breathing vapour
Because there is winter in me, That flowers with you

A winter that brings respite
To the mundanity of routine life
A love that brings back
Breath in this minuscule life


  • Very nice

    Very nice
  • Very nice

    Very nice
  • Wow Rheu proud of u


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